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Who we are

At DT Employment we are more than just an employment agency. We are a community of visionaries and innovators. Our team of experienced consultants, with in-depth knowledge of the CAD industry, is ready to help companies find the right CAD draftsmen that are the perfect fit for their projects.

Whether you're a company looking for CAD experts to create an architectural masterpiece, design a machine that will change the world, or develop a product that pushes the boundaries of innovation, DT Employment has the talents you need. Need.

Our recruitment process is thorough and careful.
We screen each candidate based on their technical skills, experience and creative vision. We make sure that they are not only able to make technical drawings, but also that they understand the art of design and can think along with your company.

DT Employment is not only about finding a match based on skills, but also about creating a harmony between the draftsman and the company. We understand that every partnership is unique, which is why we take the time to listen to your needs and understand your company's culture. That way we can find the perfect CAD draftsman who is not only technically proficient, but also fits seamlessly into your team.