Digital Tech Employment
 Flexible work from wherever you are


For many professions in which there is a shortage of workers in the Netherlands, employers can look across the border. In many other European countries, many people are still in need of work, for example in retail, hospitality and construction. Companies would be wise to look for new staff outside the country's borders. Where there is a shortage in one country, there is still a labor supply for 70% of these professions in other European countries. Recruiting abroad can therefore be a solution for staff shortages in the Netherlands. We can help you with that. 

Our office mediates between clients in the Netherlands and job seekers/contractors in Europe. In recent years we have further specialized in mediating work that can be carried out anywhere and the demand from the Netherlands for that work. One should especially think of digital activities. Where an employee used to have to come to the office. Can he do this work from anywhere on earth. 

Because of our knowledge of the Hungarian market, our network there and the level of education of Hungarians, we focus in our search for high-quality contractors in the first place on Hungary. We are pioneers in offering quality remote work, where talented and experienced professionals in Hungary work together with Dutch clients. This cooperation offers Hungarians the opportunity to perform work for a Dutch salary / remuneration, from their own place of residence in their home country. We are regularly looking for companies/persons in the Netherlands for our Dutch clients Hungary. Our way of working means that we take sustainability and the climate into account.

Why Hungary?
Hungary has a rich history of technology and engineering. Our firm has access to a wide range of highly qualified professionals including
experienced CAD draftsmen, programmers and other technical experts. These talented individuals have a strong work ethic and passion for their craft, enabling them to excel at their jobs and make valuable contributions to your business.

Flexibility and efficiency:
Our office ensures that you can benefit from the flexibility that remote working offers. You don't have to worry about setting up extra office space or arranging logistics. Our talented professionals work from their own familiar environment, which motivates them and increases productivity. In addition, modern ones communication technologies enable us to seamlessly collaborate, provide feedback and communicate efficiently, regardless of the physical distance between us and your company.